12 Mar 2020

Therapy support for children in Brisbane: Assistive Technology

You will most likely have heard of the term assistive technology. But what exactly is it, how can you get it and how can it help your child with a disability?

What is assistive technology?

Put very simply, assistive technology (AT) is the term given to the physical “things” that your child needs because of their disability. Which means that the types of ATs are varied. Everything from wheelchairs, hi-lo beds, hoists, eye gaze systems, bathroom equipment, modified utensils…the list goes on. You can find a full list of ATs on the NDIS website.

AT assessments

Your therapy team will be able to help with AT assessments. They will assess your child’s needs and situation to make a recommendation on the best AT to support your child.

AT and the NDIS

Supports for assistive technology may be included in your child’s NDIS plan where it is considered reasonable and necessary that the support will meet your child’s needs and help them to pursue their goals. 

Further information

For further information on assistive technology or any aspect of therapy support for children in Brisbane call our team on 1800 XAVIER or use one of our contact forms and we’ll be in touch.