24 Jun 2020

Practical tips for choosing the right NDIS Therapy Providers in Ipswich

Choosing the right provider of therapy support for your child is so important. Your therapist needs to be the right fit for your child and your family and therapy needs to be provided in an environment in which you and your child feel comfortable and relaxed.

We recently expanded our therapy team into the Ipswich area to support more children with physical and multiple disability and their families through therapy. But how do you choose the right therapy provider for your child?

In this short article we provide some quick tips that might help you to find the best NDIS therapy provider  to meet the unique needs of your child, in the Ipswich area. It’s important to:

  • Ask lots of questions
  • Consider the accessibility of the provider
  • Meet face to face if possible

Below is a checklist of questions to run through with any potential NDIS therapy providers so that you can fully understand the type of therapy support that they will provide your child and your family.

  • How will you work with my family to support my child?
  • What qualifications and experience does your therapy team have?
  • Where will therapy sessions take place: at home, at school or childcare or in community groups?
  • Do you have a waitlist?
  • What can I do if I’m not happy with the support that is provided?
  • How frequently can you provide support: twice a week, weekly or fortnightly?
  • How long will each session take?

As well as these general questions, you should always ask specific questions that will be unique your child’s therapy goals and your family needs. It may seem like an overwhelming task to choose the right NDIS therapy provider in Ipswich, it can be difficult to know where to start.  Using this checklist will open up a conversation for you to get a better understanding of how therapy providers can support your child and your family and whether they’re a good fit to meet your needs.

Further information

If you’d like further information on our Ipswich based therapy support give us a call on 1800 XAVIER or complete our easy online enquiry form and we’ll be in touch.