04 Jun 2020

How to find the right disability respite care for children in Brisbane

Finding the right respite care for your child with a complex disability can be challenging. You will need to be confident that your child will receive the quality care that they need to meet their needs and that they are happy and comfortable.

Types of disability respite care

There are different types of respite care options, depending on where you live, the age of your child, their support needs and what kind of support you are looking to get from respite. You may need to spend time with other members of the your family for a few hours or tend to other family responsibilities or you might be seeking respite overnight or for a longer period of time. The main types of disability respite care options for children in the Brisbane area are:

In-home respite

When a carer comes to your home to care for your child enabling you to do other things while your child is cared for. In-home respite might be for a few hours, for longer periods or overnight.

Centre-based respite

When your child attends a centre for a short period of time during the day and is cared for in a group. They may take part in group activities, programs or outings.

Community access respite

When your child gets to be involved in community activities with a support worker. This may be your child and a support worker one-on-one or a support worker might attend an activity with your whole family.

Short-term accommodation

When your child stays at a respite centre overnight or for a longer stay, perhaps a few days.

At Xavier Place in the Brisbane suburb of Yeerongpilly, we provide short-term accommodation for children, teenagers and young adults with physical and multiple disabilities.

Further information

For further information on Xavier Place Brisbane, short term accommodation and respite for children with complex disabilities, please give us a call on 1800 XAVIER or visit the Xavier Place page.