30 Oct 2019

In home disability support: Complex needs life admin - Part 1

At Xavier, we provide in home disability support for Brisbane children and young adults with complex needs. Our trained Support Workers help families with the specialised and individualised care that is required for each child with complex needs.

We know that families of kids with complex needs are always very busy. Even with in home disability support, life can get so busy and you can often feel overwhelmed. “Life admin” always falls to the bottom of the priority list. That’s why we put together a short-guide to complex needs life admin.

Meal Prep

Meal prepping is a great way save time each evening and avoid last minute dashes to the grocery store. So plan out what you’re going to eat each evening and make sure you get all of the necessary supplies in your weekly shop.  You can also save money by cooking up large batches and freezing them. Search “batch cooking” online and you’ll get lots of ideas.

Waiting it out

We all know that parents and carers of kids with complex needs spend a lot of time in waiting rooms at the various appointments your child needs to attend. Put this time to good use by catching up on emails, doing your meal plan for the week, or even doing your online shopping. Stolen moments can be extremely productive.

File important docs

Being organised and being able to put your hands on the paperwork you need can save a lot of time. It saves spending 10 minutes rummaging around drawers looking for a doctor’s referral you need the morning of appointment. Consider the best system for you so that you know which file to reach for and when. For example, you might have files for school, NDIS, Equipment, Medication and so on.

Check out next week’s blog for Part 2 of our feature on life admin.