15 Oct 2019

Supporting children with complex disability needs through speech therapy

At Xavier, we’ve been supporting Brisbane kids for over 65 years. Now, one of the ways that our multi-disciplinary allied health team can support Brisbane children and their families is through speech therapy.

Our experienced and professional team of paediatric Speech Pathologists provide assessments, advice and support to improve speaking and understanding, non-verbal communication, literacy, eating, drinking and swallowing. Our team of Speech Pathologists believe that every child should have a voice and the opportunity to make friends and socialise through shared mealtimes, to the best of their ability.

Speech Therapy is delivered by qualified Speech Pathologists and can support your child in the following ways:

- Help children to communicate by having the means to express needs, wants, thoughts, ideas and feelings

- Provide alternative methods of communication if your child is unable to speak or be understood by others

- Improve your child’s ability to understand what others are saying or express what they would like to say

- Improve intelligibility of speech so that what your child is saying is understood by others

- Help with school readiness such as learning to read, problem-solving and social skills

- Improve safety for swallowing and mealtime issues such as feeding and fussy eating

- Increase quality of life, self-esteem and independence

- Increase participation in everyday activities

For more information on Xavier Speech Therapy, visit our speech therapy page and complete the enquiry form or call our friendly team on 1800 XAVIER.