24 Oct 2018

Reaching Therapy goals: Occupation Therapy for Children

Each and every child will have their own unique therapy goals and a range of therapies will help them reach their goals. Occupational therapy for children can help with cognitive, physical, sensory and motor skills to increase their independence and confidence.

The name itself can sometimes be confusing as children do not have occupations! But occupational therapy is concerned with daily activities. So with occupational therapy for children this can include help with any activity that your child is involved with on a day-to-day basis.

At Xavier our Occupational Therapists can assist with a range of activities. Some examples are:

- finding the right mobility equipment including wheelchairs

- helping to find the right assistive technology such as eating aids

- Modifications to your home, vehicle or other environments
- Sensory regulation to help your child with sensitivity to noise, touch and more
- Everyday activities such as toileting, dressing & washing

Occupational Therapy Services can be funded through the NDIS, Private Health Insurance, Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plans and private funding.If you would like to know more about Xavier occupation therapy for children register your interest here and we’ll be in touch.